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Mensaje Nueva versión de NeoRaine

#1  Ryo Suzuki 07 Noviembre 2008, 01:39 PM

Pues un nuevo update de este emu de Neo-Geo CD pa Güindous, es la 1.2.0. Podéis bajarlo en su web oficial.


Esto es lo nuevo que trae:

  #  The 1.2.x branch is targeted at editing neocd games, specially ssrpg.
  # The sprites blocks can’t be toggled anymore with the layer keys, because you couldn’t toggle every sprite block this way. Now F5 toggles the fix layer and f6 toggles all the sprites blocks. To toggle sprites blocks, use the backspace key (default key - can be changed in the gui) to enter capture mode, then browse the blocks using right and left arrows, and finally capture with the C key (preferably in pause mode !).
  # Added “update neocd sprite block” to neocd options, this does the opposite of capture mode, it takes the pngs, and converts them back to sprites using the data saved while in capture mode.
  # Added a translator for ssrpg (and only ssrpg). Available in “Game Options” once the game is loaded. Should be used with the console to get the address of the string to translate (you can use break $55120 and display a0 to get the address, or break $6858 and then display a0 to get the address of a text printed ingame, character by character (dialog usually)).



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