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Dreamcast - RADquake 5.0R FINAL

Ryo Suzuki [ 06 Abril 2020, 12:08 PM ]
Título del mensajeRADquake 5.0R FINAL

Ian Micheal ha finalizado este trabajo que entiendo que es mejorar sensiblemente el juego original.

44k Stereo Sound
44k CDDA on CD-R & Gdemu most times
#Only When Possible, Remember now Quake would read from the PC HardDrive and the CD for music
Full CDDA on NullCast/FlyCast Emulator
50hz / 60hz Video Modes on the fly HDMI to SCART
Gamma, Brightness, Dreamcast WideScreen
Full Custom Controls with Keyboard & Mouse
Complete sensitivity controls with 21 levels for each axis
Rumble support with 21 power control levels
VMU Quick Saving/Loading, Auto Config Saving and VMU Icon Saving
Live VMU Doom Guy Health Display
On the Fly Body View
Full CD-R Support with Disc swap for most Original, Nonofficial and Unofficial Expansions
Custom Theme for the DreamCast HomeScreen

Tenéis la capped y uncapped versión.

No lo acabo de entender muy bien, a ver si me echáis un cable para hacerlo:


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