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Dagak [ 02 Mayo 2018, 03:34 AM ]
Título del mensajeArticulo Sobre El Desarrollo De Panzer Dragoon Saga
Por el 20 aniversario de Panzer Dragoon Saga, la web Polygon ha dedicado un articulo a este juego en el que ha reunido a 13 personas que fueron miembros del Team Andromeda y nos cuentan todo tipo de detalles sobre el desarrollo del juego.



Si teneis un rato es una lectura muy recomendable porque parece que el desarrollo de esta obra maestra no fue precisamente un camino de rosas.

Os dejo un par de fragmentos interesantes.

Sobre el cuarto juego perdido y nunca revelado del Team Andromeda.

The long-lost Team Andromeda game

Although Team Andromeda only released three games, there was once a fourth, secret project in the works. While details of the project remain elusive, longtime Panzer team member Kentaro Yoshida says it came about when certain team members had some free time on their hands.

”After the production for the first Panzer Dragoon finished, Zwei and PDS both started production not too far apart,” he says. “I was heavily involved with Zwei and Mr. Futatsugi was more heavily involved with PDS. By the time Zwei was finished, PDS was still in the midst of production but there was actually another Saturn project that was led by myself and a couple lead programmers from Zwei [Junichi Suto and Yuji Yasuhara]. […]

”That game never saw the light of day, and it was after the industry was swept away by PlayStation, so it wasn’t related to [the] Panzer Dragoon series. It was a more ‘cute’ game.”

Y sobre como abarcaria Futatsugi un posible remake de Panzer Dragoon Saga. Futatsugi habla de ingeniera-inversa.

If [they were] able to reverse-engineer [Atlus side-scrolling Saturn RPG] Princess Crown [for PSP], perhaps we might be able to reverse-engineer Panzer Dragoon Saga. Princess Crown is a pretty complex game, as well. But unless someone somewhere adds pressure to remake it, we probably won’t remake the game. I don’t think Sega will ever make it happen.

If I were to add to the series, I would probably make it a more open game about going on an adventure on the back of a dragon. That was the original plan for Saga. Instead of following a storyline, the game would be an adventure in big, open worlds, and maybe not even force you to ride a dragon. I discussed with Mr. Kusunoki the idea of playing someone who was set in reality with his feet on the ground. ...

At the beginning, I envisioned it to be something like [thatgamecompany’s] Journey. But we didn’t go that route, because we figured nobody would want to play a game so open and distant from the original Panzer Dragoons. But I feel that now something like that might be accepted. Of course, I would keep the dragon in the game, but the focus would be more on riding the dragon and exploring the world, and the player would find traces of the previous games within this universe. The game would be like a remake of the entire series and flash back to the originals. That’s just what comes to mind. The core members of the Orta team work at [Futatsugi’s company] Grounding now. But I think everyone would like to revisit Panzer Dragoon again. I’d like to tie up any loose ends and complete the saga before I die.


Cyclops [ 02 Mayo 2018, 07:59 PM ]
Título del mensajeRe: Articulo Sobre El Desarrollo De Panzer Dragoon Saga
Gracias por compartirlo Dagak, en lo personal me quedo con el comentario de la ingenieria inversa y sus posibilidades, siempre he sentido mucha curiosidad con esa rama de la programación.

tr909 [ 03 Mayo 2018, 09:23 PM ]
Título del mensajeRe: Articulo Sobre El Desarrollo De Panzer Dragoon Saga
Acabo de leer el artículo y me parece impresionante como afrontaron todo el Team Andromeda la creación de esta obra de arte. Particularmente me quedo con las impresiones de los protagonistas sobre todo cuando despues de veinte años desde que lo concibieron todavía la gente los alaba y le agrdecen todo ese trabajo. Una vez mas lo repito:Impresionante!!!
Toda la Saga Panzer siempre sera eterna en el universo del videojuego, como nuestra amada Saturn.....

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