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Mensaje Update del emu de Model 2

#1  Ryo Suzuki 29 May 2008, 12:39 PM

Wesker ha actualizado el emu de model 2 pa Windows de Elsemi con este nuevo work-in-progress update. En este hilo teneis más info.


    *  Added an option to regulate the color curve (gamma).
    * Solved an error that caused that tiles was with incorrect colors.
    * Some errors related to the calculation of colors in the textures have been corrected.
    * Emulated musics in format MPEG (Sega Touring Cars)
    * Fixed bug in multiPCM that brought about sounds saturated in Daytona the USA.
    * Fixed bug that caused that the automatic marches did not work in Sega Rally well.
    * Fixed bug that caused that ” appeared the message; To review itself! ” in Daytona the USA when stopping the car.
    * Fixed bug that caused that they appeared invisible walls in Daytona the USA (not completely)
    * Fixed bug that caused that the cars controlled by the CPU did not move in Sega Rally.
    * Fixed many problems of calculation.
    * Emulated the connection in local network of all the games. It is possible to play abriendo several emulators in a same PC or forming a local network.
    * A tremendous error in Daytona the USA has been fixed that caused that during the game in network the speed was of 50%.
    * An error has been fixed that caused that when stopping the motorcycle in Motoraid the chamber showed the world of the reverse.
    * At the moment the network configuration becomes through a new file .ini…
    * Some problems with the colors of the textures have been fixed (green eyes in Dead or Alive)
    * The audio one is had synchronous we give of them in Sega Rally and Fighting Vipers
    * Added to option ” MipMap=1″ in order to qualify anisotropic filtrate + mip mapping to the games.
    * Emulated the effect ” fade” of the screen of selection of circuit of Daytona the USA.
    * Some details of the SCSP have polished.
    * It is had including the game Wave Runner.
    * Solved the graphic errors related to the VGA nVidia of series 8, *quizá* also with VGA ATI and Geometrizer 1.

Dos dudas ¿cuando lo liberaran? y ¿es este Wesker el mismo que a veces postea por nuestra humilde pagina?


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