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#1  dfar80 27 Noviembre 2019, 12:15 AM

Hello !

This is my first post. My apologies for writing in english but my spanish is quite rusty so hopefully you won't think I'm rude

I have recently gotten curious about old Sega games and their compression, and have thought about the possibility of even translating them to my language for fun and learning. I thought I'd start with Panzer Dragoon so I've been looking at its structure.

There is one issue, though - I'm working on the PC version, not the Saturn one, but my question might still apply to SegaSaturno's efforts and knowledge.

So far I have found out by mysef the compression method (similar to LZSS), which I've managed to unpack and repack - so far without issues. Parsing through the datafiles I've uncovered textures and 2 fonts (a simple one and a slightly italicized one use on the game's menus), but can't find the standard font nor the one used to present episodes:


The thing is, I suspect they might be in the ASCII files (.cgx, .cgy and .cgz) but I only found one font inside those; I found the other, italicized one in PANZ_TIT.DLL. I'm not a romhacker by trade though I've translated a few games already (and am in the process of translating more) so my go-to tool to find and edit graphics is a program called Tile Molester Pro. But these Ascii files are virtually identical in structure so I'm also not sure what their function is - for instance, I've looked at the PD version that was an unlockable inside Panzer Dragoon Orta and it only has one Ascii file... Which is also virtually identical.

I was wondering if the SegaSaturno team could share any thoughs or guidance in finding it, especially since at least one of the fonts also appears in PD Saga.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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